Several times in literature the sap of Aeonium lindleyi from the Canary Islands is metioned as a household remedy against Euphorbia poison.


However, before using this drug you should consider that there is no scientific research into the antidote’s mode of action or effectiveness.

To me, from literature only one single person is known who used Aeonium lindleyi’s sap (with good results) as antidote.

 (Ron LaFon, Euphorbia lindleyi – Why is it appearing in the Euphorbia Journal ?, Euph. Journ. Vol. 1 (1983): 31)



A pain soothing effect after skin and eye irritation from Euphorbia poison is also reported from the sap of Sempervivum tectorum.


Especially in case of eye complaints you should not renounce additional medical care.







Aeonium lindleyi

Sempervivum tectorum


by kind permission of

Wayne Boucher

Cambridge 2000 Gallery

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Marianne Wiora







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